Map Statistics
4 Countries, 56 States 1794 Areas, 11509 Routes

Monthly Statistics
13,11,10,13,21,9,5,0,7,9,13,10,12 17%
604 BadBolts
15,13,13,15,25,13,6,0,7,9,16,13,14 7%
1347 Bolt Reports
37,19,13,10,20,17,3,5,2,12,15,8,16 50%
11509 Routes
2,3,2,3,2,2,7,4,2,3,5,1,2 +20%
221 Developers

Fixed Bolt Reports

of all Bolt Reports

634, 713
Bolt Report by Severity


818, 340, 178

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Local Climbing Organizations

Local Climbing Organizations are an integral part of gaining and maintaining access to climbing areas. Make sure you put your time and or money in.

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