Area: The Chocolate Factory

111 Routes

The Chocolate Factory Routes
Route Grade
Violet Beauregarde 5.12a
Bittersweet 5.13c
Wonka Vision 5.15a
Fatface 5.13a
Bleak December 5.12b
New Glue-In Route
Scarlet Scorchdropper
For Your Health 5.11a
Butane Junky 5.12a
Divine Punishment 5.13b
Twinkie's Little Sister
Silky Smooth 5.13c
Babinski Sign
Down The Rabbit Hole
Mike Teavee 5.12a
Sunday Night Cockfights
Sarahinity 5.12b
Gene Wilder 5.12d
Chocolate Factory Project 4 5.13
Team Tough on Tour 5.11a
Wonderland 5.10b
Pure Imagination
Leche del Toro
New Non-Glue-In Route 5.12
Bathed in Light
Veruca Salt 5.12a
Spinal Tap
Swedish Fish
ABR 5.12d
Bareback 5.13a
The Golden Ticket 5.14c
Eternal Fire 5.13c
Atomic Fireballs 5.13d
A.L.F. 5.12-
Meh 5.9+
Loverface 5.13c
Sarahnity 5.12b
Snarf Victory 5.10b
Wonka Vision (Open Project) 5.15a
2-Fold 5.12c
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party 5.9
Turd Mountain 5.11d
Charlie 5.13b
Sugar Rush 5.10a
Ballnuts and Brassies or Busted Ankles 5.12a
Easy Pickins 5.8
Naked 5.12a
Robotic Thumb 5.10b
Taffy Puller (OPEN project) 5.0
Storm Gutter 5.8+
Dew Point 5.11b
One Side Makes You Taller 5.11a
Unfastidious Moth 5.9
Enkidu 5.11c
Limbic System 5.11c
Fickelgruber 5.8
Old School Chocolate 5.7
Augustus Gloop 5.9
Icebreaker 5.12a
Breakin the Law 5.10a
Hookah 5.12a
Stalker 5.11d
R. Kelly Ethics 5.10c
The Dainty Butterfly 5.12c
Crimp My Ride 5.12a
The Syndicate (OPEN project) 5.0
Willy Wonka 5.11a
End of the Innocence 5.10b
Peaches and Cream 5.10b
Through The Looking Glass 5.11d
Squeeze Me Macaroni 5.9+
Chocolate River 5.9
Theobroma 5.10c
The Andy Man Can 5.10d
The Giant Peach 5.11b
The Wondrous Boat Ride 5.10
The Juice 5.12a
Peach Pit
Toxicondendron 5.11b
Squirrelworker 5.11a
Shootin' Hot Hugs 5.12a
Kentucky Grape Vine 5.12b
Keepin' it Real 5.12a
Wobbler 5.11d
Chocolate Myotis 5.11d
Hip to the Jive 5.11b
Climactic Crush 5.11b
Three Stooges 5.10c
J Rat's Back
Death by Chocolate
The Glass Elevator
Throbbing Emotions
Cat's Demise 5.13b
The Juggernaut 5.10b
EGBG 5.10a
Grandpa Joe 5.9
Mr. P. 5.10b
Grandma Josephine 5.10a
Mystery Route 5.11a

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