Bolt Report

Last Rites 5.12b

# Andrew Wheatley, Mike Wheatley / 2015

Original Report

Reported By: Matthew
Reported on: 07 Nov 2022
Issue: Missing
Bolt Number: 5
Severity:   3  
Description: The metal wiring on the perma draw broke off, causing the clipping carabiner to fall once the rope was finally pulled. Thankfully did not take a fall there, but scared to trust the other perma draws on the route as well. I forget exactly which bolt number it was but it is the one with simply a dogbone hanging from the bolt with not carabineer.
Bolt Type: Don't know
Perma Draw Type: Cable

Developer/Admin Updates

Updated By: [email protected] @ 27 Nov 2022
Reviewed Date: 2022-11-27

Admin Notes

#5 appeared fine, replaced only suspect perma on route.