Bolt Report

Arborcidal Tendencies


Original Report

Reported By: Jonathan Walker
Reported on: 02 Jan 2022
Issue: Rusted
Bolt Number: Anchors
Severity:   2  
Description: Applies to this route and several others to the left of it.
Bolt Type: Stud Bolt and Hanger
Bolt Diameter: 3/8"
Hanger Type: SS Modern Hanger

Developer/Admin Updates

Updated By: [email protected] @ 03 Nov 2023
Reviewed Name: [email protected]
Reviewed Date: 2023-10-27
Sug. Next Review: 2028-10-27
Suggested Action: Monitor

Admin Notes

Added new wave in clean hole, ac100 lot 156 1/25 exp. ss QL and mussy. Added mussy on left hand chain, needs 2nd glue in and chain removals. 11/3 Added 2nd wave (same glue lot), removed old chains