Bolt Report

Morning Sun 5.11a

# J.J., Jared Hancock / 2005

Reported By: Chris
Reported on: 27 Nov 2017
Issue: Placement
Bolt Number: 3
Severity:   2  
Description: Bolt 3 (or 2, I can't remember if I stick clipped 1 or 2) appears to be in poorly consolidated rock that is frequently wet. Cracks around the bolt exhibit calcification, indicating a possible deep corrosion issue. No visible rust at this time, but the placement is damp a couple of days after rain. I would suspect the bolt is stainless, but the rock quality seems to be the bigger issue.
Updated By: [email protected] @ 27 Nov 2017
Bolt Type: 5 Piece and Hanger
Bolt Diameter: 1/2"