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14 Feb 2016
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There are never any right or wrong answers that inlvvoe solid numbers of days, routes etc. Optimal in most training variables is a holy grail most of the time. You can judge it more optimal if the results from training or performances are better than before or better than expected (accounting for other effects going on in parallel!). It's less optimal if the climbing is getting worse.The key I suppose is to experiment rather than stick to one routine. That way you will learn to know your body and how it responds to different types and amplitudes of stimuli.What seems to work for me on short trips is reasonably similar to you, but I tend to manage 4 decent burns on long sport routes after the warmup on the first day after the rest day, but only have two days on. But on other trips I've climbed every day. It depends on the character of the routes also!
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[email protected] @ 06 Nov 2016
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5 Piece and Hanger
Hanger Type:
Plated Modern
Hanger Brand:
Climb Tech
Perma Draw Type:
Nylon QD w/ Al Biners
Perma Condtion:
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All issues on this route have been fixed. This description is gibberish.

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