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Rebolt the Red, Aug 30. Areas include Drive By, Bob Marley, Dark Side, Military Wall, and the Zoo.
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Rebolt the Red

Gather and fight against the rust and corrosion, helping rebolt in the Red River Gorge.
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BadBolts.com is the central source for reporting and repairing climbing anchors and bolts.


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Climbing is dangerous. You take personal responsibility for making the decision to climb on bolts. Get knowledge about the signs of poorly placed, badly worn, and potentially weak bolts and anchors. Know the signs of solid vs weak bolts. It is your responsibility.
BadBolts.com's mission is to increase the awarness and self-reliance of climbers. It is each climbers' own responsibility to make descisions regarding wheather to trust the bolts they use. All bolts and anchors are Abandoned Gear, it should be treated as such.
BadBolts.com is not responsible for replacing/maintaining/installing or otherwise fixing bolts. BadBolts.com is simply a collection of submitted reports, submitted by climbers, for the sole purpose of collecting data about routes and bolts. Developers, Re-Equipers, as well as the general public have access to this information for purposes they feel appropriate. BadBolts.com shall not be held responsible for any action or non action taken by individuals using or not using the data on this site.