Bolt Report

King of Ging 5.10c



Original Report

Reported By: Louis Salin
Reported on: 05 May 2022
Issue: Worn
Bolt Number: Anchors
Severity:   2  
Description: While lowering, the rope slipped out of the carabiner on the lower of the two anchors. We are not 100% sure of what happened and couldn't see well from the ground since it was getting dark.
Bolt Type: Glue In

Developer/Admin Updates

Updated By: [email protected] @ 11 May 2022
Reviewed Name: [email protected]
Reviewed Date: 2022-05-10
Sug. Next Review: 2027-05-10
Suggested Action: Monitor

Admin Notes

The lower CT steel carabiner was captured against the rock and the last bolt is below and slightly left so it may have overlapped. I could not make it unclip but extended with chain and faced it right to hang like a quickdraw.