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3-bolt Arete


Original Report

Reported By: Christine Spang
Reported on: 23 Jan 2021
Issue: Rusted
Bolt Number: Anchors
Severity:   3  
Description: Route anchor consists of 3 bolts: a very old rusted 1/4" bolt with a very rusted Leeper hanger, a button head protruding by about 1/2" w/damaged head and SMC hanger in OK condition, and a 3rd bolt, spaced somewhat away, which seems in better condition. The 3rd bolt is not a modern bolt either, it's smaller diameter than modern, and has a Petzl hanger. The anchor has chains which are rusty but seem mostly okay. I have more photos, but getting the one decent bolt in the photo made the 2 bad bolt photo worse, so I chose to go with the 2 bad bolt photo.
Bolt Type: Other

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