Bolt Report

Crag Nazis Eat Salad 15


Reported By: Jordan Simon
Reported on: 24 Sep 2018
Issue: Missing
Bolt Number: 6
Severity:   1  
Description: This is where I believe bolt number 6 (maybe 5?) should be, just before the large ledge. Currently there is an old cam lodged in a crack, that is serving as said protection. This would normally be fine but the webbing is very faded, and is questionable. Either re-threading the cam or placing a bolt nearby is very doable, I believe. The rest of the area is fully bolted and so I believe it could warrant an update. I unfortunately don't have my own drill and also would rather have someone more experienced than me do a proper replacement. Please let me know if you need more information, this is my first report! I forgot to snag a picture but could try and get one next outing.
Updated By: [email protected] @ 24 Sep 2018
Bolt Type: Other