Phoebe 14

# Adam Mitchell / 2015

Reported By: Harry
Reported on: 07 Aug 2018
Issue: Placement
Bolt Number: 2
Severity:   2  
Description: I hope this is the right avenue for this. The issue is actually not a bolt, but a tree which has keeled over and is now in the fall zone on this route's crux. I think the tree originally fell over during Harvey last year and has continued to slowly fall since then. Currently, if you fall at the crux on this route, you will likely hit the tree. I don't know that any serious injuries are likely though. I would be willing to help with any labor required to address this. P.S. This route should be at Myth Wall in the Gus Fruh area, but I could not see a way to add an area, only a route. Maybe you need to be an admin for that.
Updated By: [email protected] @ 07 Aug 2018
Bolt Type: Other