Diving For Rocks

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Reported By: Luke Stollings
Reported on: 06 Jun 2018
Issue: Rusted
Bolt Number: Anchors
Severity:   3  
Description: bolts are burly but very rusted, hanger appears to be rusted into flaky layers where it touches the rock below the bold itself. If I remember right this is a metolius rap hanger, those very beefy ones that you were supposed to be able to thread a rope right through. Photo is of the worst of the two anchor bolts but both are probably due for replacement. FYI I'm not sure the image is uploading. There's no indication that the upload tool is working once I browse to the file, select and say OK. Is it supposed to show up on this form near the upload link?
Updated By: [email protected] @ 06 Jun 2018
Bolt Type: 5 Piece and Hanger
Bolt Diameter: 5/16"
Hanger Type: Plated Modern
Hanger Brand: Metolius
Washer Type: N/A
Reviewed Name: Joel Schopp
Reviewed Date: 2018-06-06
Sug. Next Review: 2018-06-06
Suggested Action: Replace

Admin Notes

These are quite beefy hangers, but if the hangers are this rusty it's hard to know if the bolts behind them are also as rusty.