Area: Yellow Card Wall

This wall gets its name from the yellow lichen that's stuck to the wall. The lichen is extremely resilient and stains, best to avoid touching it if possible! Popular routes like Bermuda Highway and any of the Stihl routes makes this area worth visiting.

12 Routes

Yellow Card Wall Routes
Route Grade Bolt Reports
Dancing With The Stars 5.10a 0
Swamp Idiot 5.12d 0
Yellow Fever 5.9 0
Carbon Stihl 5.12b 0
Stihl Your Face 5.12a 0
Unknown 5.10d 0
McLovin 5.12a 0
Old School 5.10c 0
Stainless Stihl 5.12a 0
Bermuda Highway 5.10d 0
Balls Deep 5.6 0
Whoopee Cushion 5.12c 0

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