Area: The Dude Wall

The Dude Wall and The Dude Gulley behind it have a variety of short and tall routes, most routes have bulges near the top. Routes in The Dude Gulley are often damp or wet, but if these routes are dry they are worth roping up for! Routes in The Dude Gulley receive almost no sun but routes facing south on The Dude Wall receive sun almost all day.

11 Routes

The Dude Wall Routes
Position Route Grade
1 Balls Deeper 5.6
1 Sunday Sausage
1 La Tache 5.9
1 Mr. Pleasure 5.12d
1 Thunder Bunny 5.10a
1 Mouche Noir 5.11c
1 Private Dancer 5.10c
1 Flashdance 5.10b
1 So You Think You Can Dance 5.11c/d
1 Project
1 Welcome To Shang Gorilla 5.7

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