Area: Big Boy Wall

This is the wall with the striking fin if you are approaching it from the east end. The Big Boy Wall faces south and receives sun for most of the day. This wall is not only long but also tall the further you move west. There are routes from 5.9 to 5.13+ making it a popular wall for groups. The ground is shaded in most parts keeping the belayer cool during the summer heat, but if you're climbing on the Big Boy Wall and the sun is out then get ready to sweat!

26 Routes

Big Boy Wall Routes
Route Grade Bolt Reports
Mac Attack 5.12b 0
Boom Shot 5.9 0
Fat Cobra 5.11d 0
KPI Pitch 2 5.13b 0
Project 5.13+ 0
Johnny Drama 5.12a 0
The Left Hand Of God 5.11a 0
Gigajoule 5.11d 0
San Andreas Project 5.13+ 0
Arete Route 5.11 0
U-Pak U-Suk 5.10b 0
Rookie Flair 5.12d 0
Liquid Plumber 5.10a 0
Polynesian Town 5.9 0
Pacing The Cage 5.13a 0
Chained Heat 5.12b 0
Sumatra 5.12c 0
Three Day Road 5.10a 0
Cool Running 5.12d 0
Snakes And Ladders 5.10a 0
Ferratagate 5.9 0
Shirts Off Posse (SOP) 5.10c 0
KPI 5.11d 0
Pink Cobra 5.13c 0
OB 1 5.10d 0
Nanotech 5.11c 0

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