Area: Overhang Wall

This sunny wall is the first wall once you cross the bridge from the parking lot. The South Wall lies on the right end of the long wall, while the Overhang Wall is the overhanging left section. An easy trail up the right side (South Wall) allows access to the anchors for top ropes while hard routes lie on the Overhang Wall. You can also do some bouldering where the cliff tapers off on the right.

11 Routes

Overhang Wall Routes
Route Grade Bolt Reports
Open Project 0
Vox Angelica 5.12c 0
Sponge 5.13 0
WHMIS 5.10d 0
Architecture And Morality 5.13c 0
White Hand 5.12b 0
Dynamic Duo 5.11a 0
Robot Monsters 5.11b 0
Shaven Yak 5.14a 0
Industrial Accident 5.10c 0
White Of Spring 5.9 0

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