Area: Central Area

This larger area begins around the corner from the Boilerplate Wall and finishes at The Anvil. The routes are spread out, and there is are practice/training anchors too. Tends to be shady when there's tree cover.

18 Routes

Central Area Routes
Route Grade Total Bolt Reports Current Bolt Reports
Don't Look, Just Climb 5.7 0
Arete, Eh? 5.7 0
Burrglass 5.7 0
If Your Day Ain't Going Right, Go Left 5.5 0
Chimney 5.4 0
Called Out 5.6 0
Just A 5.6 5.6 0
Monday Blues 0
Monday's Child 5.11a 0
Hanging Groove 5.10b 0
Rigor Mortis 5.11d 0
The Asshole That Killed Liberace 5.11b 0
Ninth Academy 5.11c 0
White Lightning 5.12b 0
Agitez Bien 5.10a 0
Grace Under Pressure 5.11d/12a 0
Grace Too aka The Pegelo Curse 5.12+ 0
Pickpocket 5.10 0

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