Area: Titan Area

This spectacular area hosts some of the longest and most impressive routes at the cliff. Easy access and a good concentration of difficult lines make this the premier location for hard sport climbing. All of the routes except #1 start from the ground and have top anchors. Most routes require at least a 70m or longer rope; make sure to knot the end of your rope when lowering.

16 Routes

Titan Area Routes
Position Route Grade
1 Far From the Maddening Crowd 5.11c
1 Titan 5.14a
1 Atlas Shrugged 5.14a
1 The Man in Me 5.13d
1 Hotel Bennell 5.14a
1 Mini Me 5.13c
1 Waveguiding 5.10b
1 Drunken Master 5.13b
1 Living On The Edge 5.13d
1 Jug Thug (Closed Project) 5.14-
1 Dr. Zeaus 5.12c
1 Road To No Depression 5.11d
1 Batman 5.13d
1 Closed Project
1 Lion's Head Express 5.14a
1 Maxi Pista 5.13c

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