Area: Mr. Bojangles Area

This spectacular area hosts some of the longest and most impressive routes at the cliff. Easy access and a good concentration of difficult lines make this the premier location for hard sport climbing. All of the routes except #1 start from the ground and have top anchors. Most routes require at least a 70m or longer rope; make sure to knot the end of your rope when lowering. The area around the Windy City rea is identifiable from the top by a lone dead tree on a cliff jutting.

14 Routes

Mr. Bojangles Area Routes
Position Route Grade
1 Northern Delights 5.11d
1 On Edge 5.10c
1 Mr. Bojangles 5.10d
1 Sculpted Cow 5.10b
1 Poochy 5.12c
1 Otis 5.12a
1 North Country Club Crack 5.11b
1 30 Years In The Making Pitch One 5.11d
1 30 Years In the Making 5.13b
1 Reach For The Sky 5.13c
1 Windy City 5.12a
1 Windy City From The Ground 5.12a
1 Fancy Dancer 5.10b
1 Forgotten Dreams 5.12c

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