Area: Lord Of The Flies Area

This area has some great 5.11's and 5.12's on beautiful stone. The rock can seep a little longer than some areas so you might want to save them until conditions are good. All of the routes except Crescent Moon start from the ground and have top anchors.

14 Routes

Lord Of The Flies Area Routes
Route Grade Total Bolt Reports Current Bolt Reports
Forgotten One 5.11d 0
Lord Of The Flies 5.11c 0
Flying Squirrel 5.13a 0
Open Project 0
Unnamed 5.10b 0
Lone Project 0
Crescent Moon 5.11a 0
Ghost and the Darkness 5.12d 0
Crucible 5.12a 0
Not Another Mantle 5.12b 0
Everything Is Illuminated 5.13a 0
Pow Wow Highway 5.13a 0
The Victim 5.13a 0
Project 5.12c/d 0

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