Area: Headspace Area

This area is located where the trail first meets the cliff. A lookout allows views of the black Headspace wall to the west. The Bruce trail continues east to where the majority of the routes are. The routes are quite spread out in this area so take your time to ensure you are on the right line.

19 Routes

Headspace Area Routes
Route Grade Total Bolt Reports Current Bolt Reports
Headspace 5.10c 0
Jack In The Pulpit 5.10a 0
Lioness 5.9 0
Grey Matter 5.13c 0
Dark Matter (Project) 0
Soul To Soul 5.11b 0
The Mentor 0
Pushin' Up Daddies 5.12b 0
Scooped 5.12c 0
For The Gallery 5.12a 0
Project 0
Gordon Lightfeet 5.11b 0
Death By Spanking 5.11b 0
Zuly's Trad Line 5.10 0
Turbine 5.12c 0
Fish In A Barrel 5.11a 0
Long Weekend Ledge 5.11a 0
Open Project 0
Toothbrush Was Not Enough 5.12d 0

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